Spy Mission gone foul

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We all recall the P-3 Orion Spy Mission over Chinese Waters and the two Chinese Fighters intercepted it and you actually crashed to the P-3 and the Chinese Pilot, sexy dog kind ejected and was lost at sea. The P-3 was severely damaged but it’s a tough bird. Luckily the team destroyed most of the electronics on board and scuttled the aircraft before its escorted landing at a Chinese Military airfield.

This was what the newspapers reported and that’s what occurred although there are several conspiracy theories still flying around about different rumors created by the underground cults and late night call-ins on the Art Bell Radio Show. Of course I’ve heard all these stories about the air and just laugh. Why well because that isn’t the story I heard in Bar Harbor, WA Starbucks speaking to some AE-6 Pilots, who knew most of that P-3 Crew. All of them confirmed the news reports and that is just what occurred in China daily.

Some have asked why the Capitan of the P-3 Aircraft didn’t go to 200 feet off the deck and slow it down to 140 knots and simply fly away from the area. Scramble more aircraft outside? It is not likely to happen. Nevertheless, the Chinese got a whole lot of butchered up equipment and stolen gear and sabotaged gear? Well good for them, they can sell it at a garage sale I guess? Contemplate all this in 2006.

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